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Personalised Memorials for Individuals – Remembrance Funerals

At Remembrance Funerals, we know how difficult it can be to lose a loved one. While it’s hard to say goodbye, it’s just as hard to make sure that everything is catered for when someone passes on. We’re in the market of cheap cremations, ones that are affordable and elegant. You don’t want to say goodbye to someone with a standard service, you should want to personalise it for a low price.

We are in the business of providing Sydney and surrounding areas with affordable funeral services, where you can say goodbye to your family or friends with compassion and dignity. Our team is committed to giving families high quality of service at this time of need.

Affordable Cremations

It can be really expensive to lay a family member or friend to rest through a burial or a cremation, but Remembrance Funerals is here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. We provide low cost funerals, including both burial and cremations, that provide a respectful end to life. While we do have three packages that we can offer, we’re also in the business of creating a customised and personalised service for individuals.

Personalising a Cremation for Your Loved One

Family members can choose exactly how they’d like to say goodbye with one of our cheap cremation packages that cater strictly to your wishes. We offer different kinds of coffins for burials from polished timber to Rosewood and will be able to create beautiful floral tributes for your loved ones.

We are able to create memorial books and offer framed photos of loved ones, all enabling you to pay your respects in the serenity of our Chapel. We also include the painful process of transferring your loved one into our care within the Sydney metropolitan area. We’re open to having any changes made to give your loved ones the dignified farewell they deserve. Each package that we create will include our professional feels, and a registered death certificate for your loved one.

We can then proceed with cremations where necessary and will also include a beautiful, polished timber urn for families to place in their homes in remembrance of those who have passed.

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