What is a low cost funeral?

What Is A Low Cost Funeral?
Sending off your loved one is a painful experience both emotionally and financially, especially if the loss is too sudden. According to Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW Inc (CPSA), the least expensive cremation in Sydney costs $4,581.00 going as high as $9,500.00 while the average cost of burial is $7,078.00 up to $20,200.

Remembrance Funerals is here to make things easier for you. We understand that dealing with funerals can be taxing.

We provide low cost funerals with the same level of care and quality of which we are proud. Calculating the funeral expenses would probably be the last thing you want to worry about. We can help you plan a dignified and solemn funeral for your loved one at a low cost.

Instead of sorting out the burdens of managing a funeral, allow us to assist you in dealing with the proceedings smoothly and efficiently. Our low cost funerals provide you with the peace of mind that everything is taken cared of without the usual financial burden.

Our low cost funeral packages allow you to provide your loved one with a dignified funeral within your budget. We make sure that every wish is fulfilled and your requirements are met.

We aim to customise our packages to meet you and your loved one's needs. Call our office today and speak with our professional staff to learn more about our low cost funeral services.

Please contact us to discuss any specific requests – we’re here to help

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